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Jun's Vibe

Escape the Arctic Chill

Escape the arctic chill with these super hydrating and decompressing self-care goodies.

Eir NYC Winter Chill

A few of our Cold Weather Skincare Favorites

  1. Mane Mend Hair and Beard Oil - This multi-purpose Argan and Jojoba based oil can be a perfect solution for itchy dry scalp, conditioning leave-in treatment for hair and beard. 
  2. Heating Massage Oil - Healing Comfrey Herb infused massage oil with heating Black Pepper Essential oil is great for unwinding and reducing inflammation. 
  3. Post Session Salts - An arnica-infused bath salt with warming Ginger Essential Oil and uplifting Bergamot Essential Oil is a perfect solution for after a long day of being outdoors. 
  4. Hydration Hero - Rose-infused, intense facial solid serum, with Kalahari seed oil, rich in vitamins, omega 6 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Your face will thank you. 
  5. Ski Lips - Cinna-scented sun protection for your extremely dry lips, specially formulated zinc-heavy balm for your sunny cold weather endeavors. 

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Handpicked Holiday Gift Guide

Eir Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year when some of us thrive giving gifts, but some of us dread finding that perfect gift for our loved ones. Luckily, we're here to help!

In our handpicked holiday gift guide you'll find ideas from some of our favorite brands that are making great products and doing good at the same time.

Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram as we will be giving away products from each brand every day Dec 10th-22nd as part of 12 days of GIVEAWAY.

Handpicked Holiday Gift Guide:

  1. Niurain - This Umbrella is perfect for those less than ideal days. Protect yourself from rain or shine with UV protection SPF 50.
  2. AllSwell Notebooks - Use this notebook to encourage your loved ones to take a moment to express themselves in an utterly private way. No “likes”, no judgments. Creativity unplugged.
  3. Hamptons Handpoured - Candles with East End inspired scents.
  4. Eir NYC - Our Toiletry Kit for your travels or the gym.
  5. Pared Sunnies - A collection of handmade sunglasses grounded in the fundamentals of clean lines, smooth shapes and lasting comfort.
  6. Hum Nutrition Ingestibles - a collection of personalized vitamins, minerals and botanicals to support your health & beauty goals.
  7. Keani Hawaii Jewelry - Hawaiian made this collection inspired by the ocean.
  8. Simply Straws, re-usable glass straws and travel kit for wherever you go. Drink your cold brew in good conscience.
  9. Skova - Beautiful crafted, world-inspired beach towels.
  10. SIE Swim - One or two-piece bathing suits. 
  11. Antonym Cosmetics - An organic makeup line that performs exceptionally well, yet is gentle on the skin, the environment and cruelty-free.  
  12. La Vie Boheme - Yoga Mats. Stylish mats for your sacred practice.
  13. Torii Labs - Drinks made gluten-free, vegan, with no caffeine from wildcrafted herbs and organic juices.
  14. Aloha Collections - Splash proof Travel toiletry bag. They give back! ALOHA Collection donates 5% of profits annually to a Hawaii conservation organization to help protect the natural beauty of Hawaii.

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Flu Season is upon us ~ boost your health with these tips

Jun's Vibe Eir NYC

1. In Flu season get this prevention and healing kit for you and your loved ones.

Fresh Eir is an antiseptic sanitizer with Sage, that will keep you protected during this viral season. Rolling liniment, inspired by my grandmother's tiger balm, will help open up your chest congestion and help you breathe. Rub on your chest and your temples for relief.

2. I love soaking myself and sweating it out with Eir Post session salts, with Ginger and Bergamot. Ginger stimulates bloodflow while Bergamots uplifts seasonal depression mood.

3. I love making this vegan broth loaded with antioxidants and minerals for when i’m getting sick and to prevent sickness. I turn to mostly soup based diet this time of year. I’ll share my favorite recipe (it’s vegan Pho):

  • 1 cup of dried shiitake mushroom

  • Make a muslin bag with these 3 things: Two cinnamon sticks, 3 whole cloves, 3 star anise.

  • 1 large white onion, quartered.

  • 1 small piece of ginger, diced.

  • 4 cups water

  • 2 tablespoons reduced-sodium tamari or soy sauce

  • Salt

  • BOIL for 1 hour. Serve with rice noodles, cilantro, and bean sprouts and touch of lime.

4. Probiotics! I love getting this White kimchi at a Korean supermarket. I have it as much as I can! It’s not spicy and loaded with too much garlic so it’s good for lunch. 

5. Jujube tea:

The recipe calls for:  1 cup of Dried jujube ( you can find this at (H-Mart), 1 ginger (sliced), 1 whole cleaned asian pear and boil it to reduce for 3-4 hours until it’s thick red syrup. Jujube tea has enzyme bromaline that works towards preventing the build up of phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract and sinus cavities. A cup of jujube tea on a daily basis might herefore be beneficial in minimizing chances of ailments in the respiratory tract.

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Jun's Vibe Volume 5

We love tattoos!

I only recently started collecting tattoos and met some really great artists along the way. During this time, I wanted to create my own, clean, vegan aftercare for my healing process and keep my ink looking bold and vibrant.

Here are some of my favorite artists.

Eir Tattoo Balm Artists

  1. Kelli Kikcio, co-founder/owner of Welcome Home Studio, a multidisciplinary, queer-friendly, safe space that provides both tattooing and community-based gatherings, workshops, and lectures.
  2. Tea Leigh, the other half of Welcome Home Studio. I got my very first hand poked tattoo by her and I was hooked.
  3. I have about 3 tattoos by Ryan: Ryan Roi
  4. Jonboy tattoo with Bang Bang Tattoo. Love the delicate calligraphy.
  5. Tatti Fats, I'm obsessed with her work.
  6. Ele Mags, based in Brooklyn
  7. Yoni Ziber helped me cover up the very first tattoo I got in High School. I had this ugly thing for almost 20 years. Thanks, Yoni!
Caring for new tattoos using Eir Tattoo Balm

Since a tattoo is an open wound, only the cleanest, simplest ingredients should be used. Combined into a gentle balm, our formula is lightweight, non-greasy and fragrance-free. The rose infused olive oil, shea butter, and fair trade coconut oil create a soothing, creamy formula that will moisturize and protect your skin as your tattoo heals.

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Jun's Vibe Volume 4

I'm going to share my skincare secrets with you!

I like to keep my routine as simple as possible, which allows me to create a daily routine that is quick and easy.


Each morning, I cleanse my skin with water and spritz Hydrating Face Mist followed by the Hydration Hero solid serum. Next, I apply a dab of Surf Mud and top it off with Antonym's liquid foundation. Finally, I apply our Cooling Lip Balm and I’m ready to go.


At the end of the day, I use our Eir Active Face Wash made with African black soap to cleanse my face: it takes off makeup, zinc sunscreen, and dirt without stripping your skin of essential moisture. I also use the Active Body Wash in the shower to cleanse: the scent of sage makes you feel like you are in a spa! After washing, I use Hydrating Face Mist and leave my face to rest for the night.


For the body, I love using Savasana Body Oil with Arnica and Calendula: the essential oils and herbs help slow down your nervous system to get ready for a calm night's rest.

Most of my favorite Eir products can be used for more than one purpose throughout the day, so hopefully, this gives you some ideas to make your own simple daily routine!

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Jun's Vibe Volume 3

Jun's Summer Must Haves


  1. Lip balm No 4 Berry
    Super natural barely there lip gloss is perfect for every day wear. It’s the most moisturizing tinted lip gloss I’ve ever tried.  

  2. Aloha Collection Pouch
    This coated Tyvek pouch is a perfect leak free toiletry bag. I carry my sunscreen (Surf Mud) and after-sun skincare in here (Hydrating Mist and Face Rescue).

  3. Slowtide Beach Towel
    Super functional, cozy beautiful towel with photography by ladyslider. Great for Montauk beach days.   

  4. Malia Mills Starlet Maillot
    This vintage inspired one piece is super flattering with multiple ways to tie the long strap. I love this suit for surfing as it stays put! She is based out of Brooklyn, designs suits for all shapes and sizes.

  5. Capsule parfum – Covey
    This unusual mix of Lime and spearmint is super refreshing and summery. I spray it on my hair for an all day wear.  

  6. Antonym highlighting blush
    A certified organic mineral color, highlights my cheeckbones that gives it a perfect glowy, dewy finish. I love how light, barely there, it is. 

  7. Vionic Beach Flip flops
    These flip flops have a unique contoured arch support for healthy aligment from feet up. Super comfortable.

  8. Eir NYC Surf Mud Body Oil
    This tanning oil with Cocoa Powder has zinc for sun protection while giving you a caramel sun kissed tan. I love this oil for sun bumming.

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Jun's Vibe Volume 2

My Travel Essentials

  1. I tend to overpack so I like to have an ongoing list of what to bring for my surf trips: beach towel, beach tote, sunglasses, gauzy sundresses, bathing suits, tropical surf wax.
  2. Rolling liniment is my must-have. I get migranes from traveling and from not drinking enough water on my trips. I roll this on liberally on my shoulders and temples starting from my plane ride. It also works amazing on mosquito bites, life saver.
  3. We stayed in an oceanfront villa resort and hotel in Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic called Sea Horse Ranch. The Ranch offers a fully equipped equestrian center and we got to ride horses on the beach.
  4. After a 2 hour achy and sweaty riding session, we got to dip in the pool with our essentials: Surf Mud, Cooling Lip Balm and Sunset Oil with arnica.
  5. My second and middle day in DR, I stepped on some painful Sea Urchin coming out of the water after surfing. The most important thing is to not panick. I picked out the bigger spines and soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar for an hour. The acid breaks down whatever is still left inside.The swelling went down and no infection.
  6. The best thing about traveling to a place like DR, is the amazing free range, local farmed, clean food. Passion fruit (Chinola) is my favorite. It is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins which helps boost mood and skin glow. The anti-inflammatory properties aid sore muscles from riding and surfing.  
  7. I love 1 piece suits especially this one from Sweet Paradise Club. The back is covered so I got extra protection. Kassia Surf Wax made of Palo Santo, for good vibes in and out of the water.
  8. DR trip was super easy, it was just 3.5 hour plane ride and just 10 mins from the airport to the break. It was faster to get there than to Montauk on a rush hour summer Friday. We will be back!

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Jun's Vibe Volume 1

Memorial Day Weekend '18
Eir NYC Jun's Vibe
  1. I've been going out to Montauk for the past 15 Summers. It's my favorite haven, home away from home. I get to see and hang out with some of my favorite friends. I pack light and make sure to hit my favorite shops; Share With, Pilgrim Surf + Supply, Love Adorned in Amagansette. For Grubs, you can always find me having lunch with surfer Stevie at Naturally Goods. For skincare and wellness essentials, newly opened Onda Beauty in Sag Harbor. 
  2. ‘Hakuro-nishiki’, commonly called dappled Japanese willow or variegated willow, has the most beatiful variegated foliage throughout the growing season. New foliage emerges in the spring, looking like speckles of snow or bleach. It's just remarkable sight. Where is my paint brush and canvas?
  3. Corey is one of the best vibe individuals I ever came across. He is the head instructor at Coreyswave based in Montauk. Him and his crew are very knowledgeable and experienced surf coach team, encouraging students and bringing out the joy in everyone. I steer anyone who wants to take up surfing or wants extra coaching towards Corey.
  4. Memorial Day weekend out east was rainy and cold, close to 30 degrees colder by the sea.
  5. On cold rainy days, my favorite indulgence is an outdoor shower. Especially after a cold water surfing. 
  6. I just love these three oils: Heating Massage Oil infused with Comphrey for sore muscles, Savasana Body Oil with Arnica and Vetiver and Face Rescue face serum with Elderflower for deep hydration, dewy supple sun-kissed skin. 
  7. I have been practicing Ashtanga for only few years and it's been the best all around physical therapy. I get muscle spasms on my shoulder I had surgery on when I don't practice for a while. I've learned, reluctantly that it's all about consistency, even if I just do Sun Salutations, it's good to get the body lubricated and moving every day. 
  8. After practice, I meditate for about 20 minutes. I've been practicing Zen meditation for almost a decade, which is a very rigorous practice. I also have been trained in Vedic meditation. I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I do what I can, even if I can sit for 5 minutes in the subway, I do. I've learned that it's not about doing meditation perfectly or having to do it the 'right way'. Its just about sitting quietly and breathing in and out, just for few minutes-- a time out. It's what keeps me sane, happy, joyous and free. 

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