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Jun's Vibe Volume 1

Memorial Day Weekend '18
Eir NYC Jun's Vibe
  1. I've been going out to Montauk for the past 15 Summers. It's my favorite haven, home away from home. I get to see and hang out with some of my favorite friends. I pack light and make sure to hit my favorite shops; Share With, Pilgrim Surf + Supply, Love Adorned in Amagansette. For Grubs, you can always find me having lunch with surfer Stevie at Naturally Goods. For skincare and wellness essentials, newly opened Onda Beauty in Sag Harbor. 
  2. ‘Hakuro-nishiki’, commonly called dappled Japanese willow or variegated willow, has the most beatiful variegated foliage throughout the growing season. New foliage emerges in the spring, looking like speckles of snow or bleach. It's just remarkable sight. Where is my paint brush and canvas?
  3. Corey is one of the best vibe individuals I ever came across. He is the head instructor at Coreyswave based in Montauk. Him and his crew are very knowledgeable and experienced surf coach team, encouraging students and bringing out the joy in everyone. I steer anyone who wants to take up surfing or wants extra coaching towards Corey.
  4. Memorial Day weekend out east was rainy and cold, close to 30 degrees colder by the sea.
  5. On cold rainy days, my favorite indulgence is an outdoor shower. Especially after a cold water surfing. 
  6. I just love these three oils: Heating Massage Oil infused with Comphrey for sore muscles, Savasana Body Oil with Arnica and Vetiver and Face Rescue face serum with Elderflower for deep hydration, dewy supple sun-kissed skin. 
  7. I have been practicing Ashtanga for only few years and it's been the best all around physical therapy. I get muscle spasms on my shoulder I had surgery on when I don't practice for a while. I've learned, reluctantly that it's all about consistency, even if I just do Sun Salutations, it's good to get the body lubricated and moving every day. 
  8. After practice, I meditate for about 20 minutes. I've been practicing Zen meditation for almost a decade, which is a very rigorous practice. I also have been trained in Vedic meditation. I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I do what I can, even if I can sit for 5 minutes in the subway, I do. I've learned that it's not about doing meditation perfectly or having to do it the 'right way'. Its just about sitting quietly and breathing in and out, just for few minutes-- a time out. It's what keeps me sane, happy, joyous and free. 
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