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Jun's Vibe Volume 2

My Travel Essentials

  1. I tend to overpack so I like to have an ongoing list of what to bring for my surf trips: beach towel, beach tote, sunglasses, gauzy sundresses, bathing suits, tropical surf wax.
  2. Rolling liniment is my must-have. I get migranes from traveling and from not drinking enough water on my trips. I roll this on liberally on my shoulders and temples starting from my plane ride. It also works amazing on mosquito bites, life saver.
  3. We stayed in an oceanfront villa resort and hotel in Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic called Sea Horse Ranch. The Ranch offers a fully equipped equestrian center and we got to ride horses on the beach.
  4. After a 2 hour achy and sweaty riding session, we got to dip in the pool with our essentials: Surf Mud, Cooling Lip Balm and Sunset OilΒ with arnica.
  5. My second and middle day in DR, I stepped on some painful Sea Urchin coming out of the water after surfing. The most important thing is to not panick. I picked out the bigger spines and soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar for an hour. The acid breaks down whatever is still left inside.The swelling went down and no infection.
  6. The best thing about traveling to a place like DR, is the amazing free range, local farmed, clean food. Passion fruit (Chinola) is my favorite. It is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins which helps boost mood and skin glow. The anti-inflammatory properties aid sore muscles from riding and surfing. Β 
  7. I love 1 piece suits especially this one from Sweet Paradise Club. The back is covered so I got extra protection. Kassia Surf Wax made of Palo Santo, for good vibes in and out of the water.
  8. DR trip was super easy, it was just 3.5 hour plane ride and just 10 mins from the airport to the break. It was faster to get there than to Montauk on a rush hour summer Friday. We will be back!
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