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The Inspiration Behind Space Monkey and more in part 2 of our Dalek conversation

Last week, we introduced our collaboration with Dalek (aka James Marshal), an American painter best known for his Space Monkey character.  

Below, find out more about the origins of Space Monkey and what Dalek does when he isn’t painting.  

Eir: What appealed to you about doing a collab with Eir NYC?

Dalek: As an artist I want people to understand that art can be present in their every day lives.  Art is not only for museums and collectors.  This kind of collab gives me a platform to share my art with a very broad audience, and for people to see that art enhances their lives and brings happiness.  Plus I love Eir NYC products and what the brand stands for.

Where did the idea for Space Monkey originate from? 

Space Monkey originated from the idea that humans would be reduced to button pushers as technology progressed (i.e., they trained monkeys to push buttons and go into space). Humans are now space monkeys, trained to push buttons to get what they want. In other words, it’s a reflection of the human experience. What is the biggest painting or mural that you’ve ever created? What was that experience like?

I’d say the biggest mural I ever created was 15 feet tall by about 200 feet long. I love working on huge murals due to the scale of the canvas and the process of making something with that sort of presence!!

What's your favorite non-painting activity?

I try to work all the time since it’s truly my favorite activity. So aside from painting, you can find me drawing, doing computer work, or developing ideas. 

Do you have a painting routine – like every morning at 10:00 am you’re in the studio? What is your studio space like?

I wish I had a routine, but there is so much going on every day I get done what I can, where I can. My studio space is congested, but pretty organized. To be fair, there is a lot going on in there. 

Do you ever get painters’ block and not know what to work on? How do you get out of that slump?

I get stuck in ruts for sure. Then usually I get frustrated and just try something different – it’s usually where the breakthroughs happen!

Check out the Dalek x Eir NYC Collaboration here!


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