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Suncare 101: What to Know About Mineral Sunscreen

Have you ever found yourself frozen in the sunscreen aisle totally stumped by your choices? Or maybe you’ve done a quick online search for some sunblock but still can’t sift through all of the options and ads? With so many formulas and varieties out there, sunscreen selection can be a tricky feat. That’s why we’ve decided to break it down for you – and what better time to do so than on National Clean Beauty Day!

Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreen

If you’re like us, you’re definitely seeking clean, natural suncare and SPF protection. You’ve also likely encountered the term “mineral sunscreen” on your quest for the right product. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which contain compounds that absorb UV rays, mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to reflect the sun’s rays. While chemical sunscreens are effective in protecting you from harmful UV rays, there are still some unknowns about their safety. Mineral sunscreen simply sits on top of the skin and have a long history of safety. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and don’t clog pores; suitable for all skin types, and can simply be washed off. Chemical sunscreens are actually absorbed deep into the skin, and the FDA has not yet determined whether there are health side effects from chemical sunscreen seeping into the skin.So, What is Reef Friendly Suncare?

With reef friendly size really does matter.  Many mineral sunscreens boast “reef safe” but the minerals (zinc & titanium dioxide) that have been transformed into tiny particles called “nanoparticles”.  These particles can be absorbed into the reefs adversely affecting them and the marine animals that dwell there. It’s super important to opt for a non-nano mineral sunscreen. The term “reef friendly” sunscreen is actually not regulated, so it’s key that you check your products to avoid nanoparticles.The Bottom Line

At Eir NYC, we use ONLY non-nano, mineral based ingredients in our suncare products. This means that all of our products contain particles that are too big for our skin and the reef to absorb. Since there is very little understanding of the possible biological or toxic effects of nanoparticles, we strictly stick to non-nano ingredients, providing safe, non-chemical protection against UVA and UVB light rays. So, look at our sun products and find the right natural sun and SPF protection to fit your active lifestyle this summer!

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