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Pure Eir: Our new superstar hand sanitizer

You asked, we listened: introducing Pure Eir, our new hand-and-surface sanitizer with a vigorous 65.7% alcohol volume.

Offer Expired: Starting today, we'll be giving out a free Pure Eir with every purchase, until supplies last or further notice - we'll update the site so there are no surprises 🙂

It’s the least we can do in these strange times, so please take it as a token of our appreciation and solidarity.

No redemption code or shopping cart minimum is necessary: Pure Eir will automatically be added to every order made. You can also find it alongside other Eir favorites in our store; if it’s your only item at checkout, we’re still giving you an extra! Keep it in your car, your backpack, your purse, or give it to a neighbor who’s running low on their supply. Whatever you choose, we know it’s in good hands.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pure Eir’s high alcohol content ensures a thorough knockout of germs. While highly effective and reliable, alcohol does have one Achilles heel: consistent use can suck the moisture from your hands. Okay, maybe two Achilles heels: its smell has never really been a crowd-pleaser.

For this reason, we enlisted locally-sourced artisanal grain alcohol as the base of Pure Eir for its lighter scent, then imbued the formula with essential oils to help re-hydrate your hands in the wake of each application. Calendula infused olive oil is the star ingredient in this respect, but Pure Eir also boasts other natural ingredients like sweet orange oil, cypress oil, and witch hazel for a gentle (but still potent) reinforcement of antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Each spritz is scented with citrus goodness, so you can enjoy a sensorial calm every time you use it. To make the most of your Pure Eir, we have a few tips:

  • Shake well before using. A few spritzes should do. The sterilizing alcohol content kills germs as it naturally evaporates, so resist the urge to wipe your hands dry after using.
  • While you can certainly use Pure Eir on surfaces, please be careful with usage on electronics. Yes, your cell phone is a bacteria haven that should absolutely be baptized with a cleansing savior, but please be extra cautious – you wouldn't want your sanitizer to wiggle its way in through an opening. Opt for a phone-specific cleaner or a wipe if you can, or use a screen-safe cloth to apply your sanitizer.
  • The golden tip of 2020: Wash. Your. Hands. Nothing can quite substitute for a thorough, 20-second scrub with warm water and soap. Pure Eir will have your back on all those essential errands where a sink and soap aren’t present, but wash your hands for good measure when you can.

For more advice, reviewing WHO’s health guidelines is always a good call. While we love our tribe for being the spirited adventurers they are, we hope you’re doing your best to stay safe and maintain social distance. If you’re missing the normalcy of roaming free, we get it – Eir was created by and for outdoor-lovers, after all, and active communities are what keep us inspired. But we’ll get through it, and whether you’re hunkering down or serving on the frontlines of essential services, we’re proud to call you our neighbor here on Planet Earth.

We’ll continue to craft items that serve your everyday needs, and we’re always open to new ideas in aiding your happiest, healthiest self 💚🌎.

Eir hug!!!
- Team Eir

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