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‘Cause Plastic Ain’t so Fantastic ♻️

The enormity of our culture’s plastic fanaticism is a head-trip: about 50% of plastic is used only once, then thrown away, while only 10% of plastics are recycled. What’s a green-thinking wanna-be to do?

Offer Expired: To do our part, Eir NYC is partnering with Plastic Free Fridays with an option to donate at checkout – and we’ll match it!

When you reckon with the ubiquity of plastic in our everyday lives, it’s intimidating, so it’s no wonder we often feel that our individual actions aren’t worthwhile. But fear not, Eir NYC has teamed up with the wonder women from Plastic Free Fridays to help show you where to start.

Plastic Free Fridays

As with any important undertaking, all it takes is that one first step to solidify your intention. The team at Plastic Free Fridays understand this obstacle intimately, and their objective is the perfect square-one: by saying no to single-use plastics on Fridays, you can effectively start in doing your part and work towards greener living.

With achievable goals and a communal backbone of support, we can vastly reduce the use of single-use plastic by raising awareness and shaping positive habits to benefit everyone.

Donations are used to support ongoing awareness efforts and are further contributed to fellow environmental charities that uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Plastic Free Friday’s impact – in a short amount of time – is galvanizing: measuring the participation from their community, they’ve reduced:

  • 1 metric ton of Single Use Plastic avoidance per week
  • 50 metric tons of Single Use Plastic avoidance in the past 12 months (or the equivalent of two 40ft shipping containers filled solid with plastic)

Check out Plastic Free Friday’s incredible community on their Instagram, and learn more about their efforts over at their website. We hope you can donate at checkout, and if you ‘gram your Plastic Free Friday, give us a tag! We’d love to see.

And one more thing: for any Eir NYC order over $100, we’ll automatically send you an organic cotton Eir NYC tote bag while supplies last... perfect for your plastic-less Fridays, or any other day of the week 🙂

Team Eir

Plastic Free FridaysPlastic Free Fridays

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