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Introducing the 1st of 3 Collaborations in our New Artist Series!

Big things are coming! This summer, Eir NYC will be launching an incredible series of collaborations with 3 different artists who have created amazing packaging for all of our sun-care products. We are SO thrilled to be able to work with such talented people and bring these tiny pieces of art to our friends and fans.

We’re stoked about opening up a dialogue about our love of art and its importance in everyday life –  for artists and non artists alike. There are so many opportunities to enjoy art in unexpected ways, and support artists, like this upcoming collab! 

Our first spotlight in the launch is the super talented Dalek, aka James Marshall. We can’t get enough of his colorful, urban aesthetic and are so excited for you to see his interpretation of our  packaging. While best known for his “Space Monkey” character, Dalek is also widely recognized for his murals, photography, and illustration.

We recently sat down with Dalek to peel back the curtain on his creative process:

Eir: Have you always wanted to be an artist? How has your style or interest in different mediums evolved over time?

Dalek: I always drew and doodled but never really had any intentions of becoming an artist. It just sort of kept happening over the years where the universe would nudge me in that direction.

I did a lot of drawing long before painting, and still draw all the time. I love painting and working in Illustrator as well. On the computer, I enjoy taking drawings and then coloring and detailing them in.

How do you choose your subject matter? Are there specific colors or color schemes that you are always drawn to?

I like to start working and see what happens. Sometimes I have a loose idea beforehand but generally, it’s whatever I am feeling on a given day.

As for color choice, it changes all the time. Everything with me is just whatever is in my head at a given moment so I roll with what has me excited or has captured my interest.Can you talk about what you’re trying to communicate with your work? How would you best describe your art in one word? 

I’m trying to communicate the experience of being a human in a quickly evolving world. In terms of describing my own work, I’d say “colorful” is the best. I’m sure there are plenty more as well but I don’t tend to think of my own work using specific descriptors. 

Did you formally study painting? If so, what was that experience like?

No, just learned on my own. In fact, I’m still learning on my own :). 

What was it like the first time that you sold a painting?

Great! I definitely didn’t expect to make a living out of it, but I figured at least it was a way to make some side money and help out a bit.

Check out the Dalek x Eir NYC Collaboration here!

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