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Introducing Dream Deep, our new night serum

Say hello to Dream Deep, our brand new multitasking night serum for better skin and even brighter days. Bedtime ready, we formulated Dream Deep as an ultra-light pillow-friendly serum-based in squalene and rosehip oil, two stellar skincare ingredients. Then, to go above and beyond the definition of “beauty sleep”, we called on a healthy dose of all-natural ingredients known to promote holistic rest and healthy sleep patterns... After all, there is no greater secret to performance than a good night of sleep. So we bottled it.

We’ve always strived to create skincare solutions for adventurous and active lifestyles, and since good sleep is key to high performance and fulfilled ambition, we knew an organic z-catching serum would be right at home in our nightly routine. Normally at Eir, we try to do a shut down of all electronics 30 minutes prior to bedtime, as they can mess with your circadian rhythm and delay your release of natural melatonin. A nice cup of chamomile or lemon balm tea is always a lovely addition too, as is a good book in bed.

Beyond feeling amazing, good rest is absolutely essential to one’s health, yet it seems to elude us at a frustrating rate: more than a third of Americans lack the minimum hours of quality sleep needed for optimal daytime function, the CDC shows, even going as far as to list it as an official public health problem.

Dream Deep

The formula for a good night’s rest isn’t as easy as a “bed + heavy-eyelids = 8 hours of sleep”, unfortunately. For many, cracking the code is a process of discovering personal rituals as well as age-old, natural remedies that coax your brainwaves into the coveted deep-sleep sweet spot. While nature offers many dozy ingredients to choose from, we carefully assembled a team of our favorites, selecting those that would work well in concert together:

  • Ho Wood, a symbolic bringer of tranquility, is a safe sedative with the added bonus of vitamin E.

  • Petitgrain, another natural sedative, eases the nervous system to abate bodily anxiety. It also helps mitigate free-radicals before they can impact the skin.

  • Frankincense promotes a deep inner sense of calm and relieves negative emotions that overwhelm the mind. Has been known for centuries to smooth fine lines and increase skin elasticity.

  • Lavender, long coveted for its aid in sleep and relaxation and assuaging of anxiety and stress.

And more, plus a squadron of anti-aging elements to make the serum as skin-replenishing as it is drowsy:

  • Squalane, a moisturizing molecule that mimics our skin’s natural process of hydration, making it easily absorbed. It diligently locks in moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

  • Rose Hip Oil, said to originate from Ancient Persia, is an excellent natural oil for improving the vitality of the skin cells and combating the natural symptoms of aging. With its high amounts of vitamin C, E, and A, and additional omegas, it promises a brightened skin tone with improved elasticity. 

A good night’s rest is one of the best gifts you could give your body and mind, a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does good sleep make it easier to part with your bed in the morning, but the day that follows is often blessed with energy, intent, and better focus. Matt Walker, a renowned brain scientist, even goes as far as to say that good sleep is a superpower, a way of hitting a secret retention button on all the skills and helpful knowledge you come across in a day. 

We want to help you harness this superpower….and give you a dewy complexion as a bonus, too. With its intoxicating scent and light-weight feel, Dream Deep is primed for your nightly ritual; you’ll wake up with a replenished glow and a bounty of energy, ready for whatever finish line you’re tackling that day. Sleep tight!

Shop Dream Deep Night Serum: $60

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