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Eir Talk: Our 12 favorite resources for warding off cabin fever

🌟Read on for our list of fun, free, community-building resources that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home 🌟

We hope that, if possible, you’re staying indoors, washing your hands, and feeling connected to a supportive community. It goes without saying: this week has been weird, and a lot of us are feeling off-center... Sometimes the world unveils a plot twist so disorienting, even our best habits get thrown for a loop.

It’s scary. We’re all allowed to admit it. But through it all, don’t forget to address yourself with love and affirmation. In putting the good of your community first, you must also be good to yourself. 

Hand sanitizer has been in the spotlight, but we want to quickly shout out our favorite tools for calm-making. Stress squeezers, scented candles, back scratchers, jade rollers – whatever it may be, don’t be ashamed to show them extra love. Scent and sensation are incredibly grounding phenomenons, and taking a time-out to enjoy them can help you reclaim your inner-anchor.

If you’re curious about Eir items that could be of good use, we have a few humble suggestions:

  • Our Rolling Liniment is great for a quick reprieve. With the cooling touch of peppermint and camphor, it’s the perfect glide-on relief for your neck, shoulders, or anywhere else you might carry stress. 

  • For all of our bath lovers out there, we recommend our Post Session Salts for a bite-sized spa experience. We formulated this with toxin-abating Himalayan sea salt and calming bergamot and ginger essential oils knowing they would feel miraculous at the end of a long day.

We love seeing our products in action, but a true antidote for anxiety could never be bottled and sold. A silver lining: the internet is a treasure trove of ingenious ideas and kind souls taking action against the threat of cabin fever…

To help you make the most of your time indoors, we rounded up these awesome, 100% free resources we’ve compiled from around the web. Please stay home and stay safe.

🎬 NetflixParty is a stellar web extension that allows you to have a movie party with your friends when you’re apart. It synchronizes your movie of choice for all viewers and adds a group chat feature for real-time conversation. Happy binge watching!

🖥️ Social Distancing a.k.a. The Internet is our Friend is a generous, crowd-sourced Google sheet of engaging resources from around the web. Virtual museum tours, live-streamed dance classes, guided meditations, and so much more. Add to the list if you can think of any others!

☎️ Dialup restores the glory days of chatting on the phone, long before texting, Facetiming, and DMing scattered our modes of banter. If you’re craving a touch of novelty, this might do the trick.

🏡 Sleepathome Camp is sending dispatches of unique activities that can be done from the comfort of your home. Subscribe for a daily dose of boredom relief, delivered straight to your inbox.

🎨Quarantine Art Club is a global community of art challenges prompted and shared through Instagram. Open to all, judgment-free, and good vibes only: this is a great opportunity to share your artistic outpouring with a feel-good community.

🎻 Quarantine Soirees are world-class orchestra and opera performances that can be enjoyed via livestream. This may be the only time you can enjoy a night of theater in the comfort of your house sweats, so definitely tune in. You can find additional performances listed here as well.

📖 Savewithstories is raising money in partnership with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry by inviting celebrities to read children’s books. Perfect for kids, for a good cause, and dutifully putting classics like Today I Feel Silly back on the map.

🎧 NTS Radio is a global platform of smartly curated radio shows. Their eclectic programming, exhaustive cataloging, and brilliant art direction make it an incredible platform for exploring new genres. 

🎵 The Mixtape Club is perfect if you’re in need of some easy listening. This site offers a crisp curation of playlists that you can easily throw on for any homebound happenings.

🌱 Radio.garden gives us omniscient access to radio shows around the world. Drop in on broadcasts from Azerbaijan to Argentina to Arkansas within a matter of clicks. We may be stuck at home, but music knows no borders. 

🐮This thread of animal live cams allows us to check on our furry friends. It’s almost as good as puppy therapy.

🎶 #SongsofComfort is inspiring talented musicians to bless our feeds with blissful tunes. Thank you, Yo-yo Ma, for upping the game on Twitter.

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