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Earth Day turns 50 years old

Earth Day is turning 50, and while the world and global industry is effectively on half-time, the planet is finally enjoying an unprecedented amount of breathing room – not a bad gift to give her on her 50th Earth Day birthday. 

Another silver lining: this homebound time has also gifted many a chance at reflection and recalibration. It’s been an oddly perfect time to finish a good book, up your game in the kitchen, or finally try new hobbies you were once convinced you didn’t have the time for. 

And, like an unusual gift that keeps on giving, this pause has also encouraged a greater appreciation of time spent outdoors: sunshine feels all the more sublime when you’re busy being a homebody. Safe excursions outdoors have reminded us just how vital the natural world is, how its many complexities generously feed our mind, body, and spirit when we stop to take it in. 

Through it all, springtime is reliably blooming forward: bees are hard at work while woodland flowers unfold into their grand debut; ferns are poised to unfurl as a symphony of early spring colors and scents burst into their annual return. We now have the chance to savor the small details that might otherwise fly below our radar, to marvel at the grace with which Earth handles her natural changes of scene. Has there ever been a more important time to stop and smell the roses?

We’ll be running to re-opened trails and environmental pickups as soon as it’s safe, but in the meantime, we’ve gathered some digital Earth Day celebrations to help you scratch that activism itch remotely. Peep the list below for our suggestions on getting involved.


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Some of our favorite digital Earth Day celebrations:

  • The official Earth Day organization (@earthdaynetwork) will be hosting a Digital Earth Day, listing 24 conscious actions that anyone anywhere can take at the top of each hour. Harkening back to the first-ever Earth Day in 1970, which was lead as campus-wide teach-ins across universities and grassroots communities, Digital Earth Day will host talks from dozens of influential musicians, artists, scientists and thought leaders on their experience and expertise on environmentalism. Tune in for inspiration!
  • If you’re looking to take your engagement a step further, check out their online toolkits for actionable techniques and practices that can be enacted in your local community.
  • In partnership with the National Geographic Society, EarthX2020 will be held virtually this year from April 22-27. The online conference will continue on with much of the same dynamic agenda it’s known for, including a mini-film festival and an impressive roster of panels. The event may be repeated in offline normalcy in the Fall, but thanks to their hard work in bringing the event online, you can still enjoy the event on the actual 50th-anniversary date.
  • While the Sierra Club is best known for environmental activism, they’ve done an excellent job charting smaller, localized climate and social justice organizations that are focusing their aid on vulnerable, marginalized communities in this time of crisis. Follow their coverage to learn about significantly impactful donations you can make, and how the COVID pandemic is linked with environmental issues. They also have a lovely monthly stargazing column that feels particularly poignant in this time of social isolation.
  • The Smithsonian Conversation Commons will be hosting Earth Optimism 2020, a digital summit that will feature deep-dive talks with experts and celebratory highlights of both small and large-scale actions of promising conservation efforts. You can participate by showing your own stories of success with the #EarthOptimism hashtag – spread the good vibes, relish in the positivity, and get inspired

Happy Earth Day 🌍🌍🌍

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