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Beat the heat with these mouthwatering refreshments!

Summer’s not over and neither is our thirst for refreshing, hydrating summer drinks. With temperatures soaring to new heights staying hydrated during the dog days of summer is more important than ever.  Even slight dehydration can cause headaches, muscle cramps & fatigue, and general malaise.  And while straight up H2O is the simplest way to replenish what’s lost on a daily basis, it’s just not always that exciting. 
Studies show that people who infuse their water with fruits or veggies tend to simply drink more - and are therefore more hydrated.  So here are a few ideas for water and beyond:

- add fruit slices or berries to you water!  Just let them sit in there for a few minutes and the water will begin to take on their taste. And while the addition of vitamins to the water is minimal - after you finish drinking the water - the fruits are still delicious to eat.

- cucumber slices in water make the water taste crisp and fresh.  Add some mint leaves for a wonderful twist.

- for something a bit “spicy” and exotic, add some slices of fresh ginger (maybe with some pineapple)  to your water.  Or, if you’re really adventurous - try adding some herbs - basil, rosemary, etc.

Unflavored carbonated water or seltzer is also a great way to hydrate.  And you can add all those yummy things to the bubbly as well.

If you want to up your hydration game - try some coconut water.  It contains natural electrolytes and important components like potassium and magnesium.  This is similar to drinking sugary “replenishing” drinks, but way healthier.

And finally - if you feel like you need a special treat - try a “mocktail". Alcohol is a diuretic and can make you more dehydrated.  So when it’s super hot - try to avoid too much of it.  Sometimes the alcohol free versions are even yummier and you can drink them down fast when you’re thirsty!


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